At ASCENTREN we believe business process and technology work in concert to produce the most effective CRM systems. Our teams of Certified CRM Consultants not only have software solution expertise, we also have deep business knowledge from many years of system deployments across a broad spectrum of industries which enables keen insights into system design compatibility and sets us apart from our competition.

Road Map to an Optimized CRM Solution

Our Certified CRM Consultants partner with your team to identify business critical processes and develop a fully optimized CRM solution which meets your organization’s needs. We strive to fully understand your short and long term goals in order to develop a well thought out road map which enables us to deliver CRM solutions to serve those goals.

Working together, our consulting team creates a road map that delivers business critical phases when you want them, and future phases that continue to help your organization optimize resources. Our teams leverage up-to-date implementation methodologies and best practices to deliver consistent business value with every phase.

“User adoption is a central pillar in our CRM solution design, and one of the most important benefits you gain…”

Poor user adoption is the most significant problem faced by new CRM deployments, in fact research shows it is the major contributor to deployment failure almost 50% of the time. We understand that clients aren’t just looking for software, they are seeking a partner that can fully integrate a CRM solution that their staff will embrace. User adoption is a central pillar in our CRM solution design, and one of the most important benefits you gain from having our expert CRM consultants as a partner.

Proven Methodology

To Help You Avoid Pitfalls With years of successful CRM deployments we leverage proven methodologies to guide you away from common software implementation pitfalls, and help your organization leverage the full power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.

ASCENTREN consultants are problem solvers with a passion for excellence and innovation. We are highly collaborative. Our consulting services help businesses achieve high performance. Drawing on Best Practices, and hands-on experience with high-performance businesses, we deliver insights… and put them into action.

Customer Centricity

In an increasingly complex business environment, one of the few sustainable sources of profitable growth is the ability to deliver a consistently satisfying customer experience. To deliver the type of customer experience that drives high performance, leading organizations master customer centricity: the ability to offer highly relevant customer engagement, designed to capitalize on well-understood opportunities for profitable growth and tailored to the preferences and intentions of specific consumer segments.

Our consulting group helps clients identify the specific marketing, sales and customer service capabilities they need to achieve high performance levels through customer centricity. We also enable your organization to acquire these capabilities quickly and cost-effectively, and operationalize them with meaningful results.

Contact the Certified CRM Consultants at ASCENTREN today and let us work with your team to develop a road map for delivering a cost-effective, fully integrated CRM solution.