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Machinery Dealer Sales System Upgrades

Act now to save money while gaining a competitive edge.

If your Machinery System doesn't provide meaningful customer information, then you are flying blind. In the age of LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook you can’t afford not to collect and analyze the right type of data about customer behavior and preferences if you want to increase sales and reach new customers. Successful business owners know that if a Machinery System is outdated or inefficient, their staff must waste time manually entering data and searching for information to produce basic reports.

Successful business owners are keenly aware that an old system can’t handle modern data demands. They understand how to avoid the higher labor costs, lost opportunity costs, data inaccuracies, data inconsistencies and staff frustration which come from working with an outdated system. These owners make it a priority to proactively upgrade their machinery system which enables them to retain customers as well as find new opportunities through a competitive advantage, leaving competitors behind.

Benefits of Upgrading Your System now rather than later:

  • Avoid losing customers and sales
  • Reduce manual processing labor costs
  • Increase transparency and value of customer data
  • Improve data accuracy and integrity
  • Retain and gain customers to outsell the competition

Each day you use an outdated machinery system is another day of lost savings, and lost opportunities.

Frustrated Dealer Software User

Importance of Customer Insight

Imagine if you recently purchased a Maytag washing machine at Home Depot. After purchase, Home Depot fills your inbox with dozens of emails pitching LG and Samsung washing machines. Since the emails don’t apply to you, you unsubscribe from their list or ignore future emails. You expect Home Depot should know that you recently purchased a Maytag washer. The experience was annoying; you decide to make your next purchase at Lowe’s.

If Home Depot had recorded details of your purchase in their system, they could anticipate the timing of your readiness to purchase another washer, emailing offers for new Maytag washing machines, offers for other Maytag products, parts specials and maintenance tips - at the right time. Armed with an understanding of your brand preference and lifecycle of your machine, they could tailor communications to be meaningful to you. By understanding your needs, Home Depot could increase the likelihood that you remain a loyal customer.

Customer Centric

Businesses are increasingly dependent on digitized customer information. Manual processing negatively impacts data quality and increases operation costs. Staff can spend hours locating and assembling data from multiple places for reports, especially when a system is confusing to use and data is not easy to find.

Know Your Customer's Needs

When a system doesn’t contain data needed to properly evaluate customer behavior and preferences and lacks automation requiring inaccurate manual data processing, the impact on results is measurable.

If you can’t establish the quantity or types of machines a customer has bought in the past, their brand preference or type of shop they run, then you are simply guessing at what the customer actually wants or needs. Any attempt to reach customers through indiscriminate mass email marketing simply bombards them with unwanted offers that are not helpful or meaningful, which increases the likelihood that they will abandon you as their trusted supplier.

Our Machinery Dealer Sales System offers you the opportunity to leverage modern technology that supports your success. Not only do you benefit from efficiency gains and cost savings, data integrity and automation, but you can gather and act upon meaningful customer data to better understand customers and reveal more sales opportunities. As a successful business owner, you recognize the importance of acting quickly to upgrade your system to avoid lost opportunities, lost customers, and beat the competition using this competitive edge.

Upgrade = Solid ROI

The hourly cost of one employee’s wages and benefits to do manual data entry most likely exceeds the investment cost of upgrading your Machinery Dealer Sales Software System.

For as little as $20 a day*, you can get ASCENTREN'S State-of-the-Art Machinery Dealer System if you

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