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Custom Machine Dealer Sales Software for Used and New Machinery

ASCENTREN has years of software consulting experience with growing companies selling used & new machinery, most recently with a large Machine Dealer on the west coast, and Match Machinery. We speak your language and understand the process, which saves you time and money.

Cost? Easily affordable with a rapid return on investment. Leverage the full power of this custom machine dealer software to give your company a strong sales advantage and a total view of your customer. Whether you are a small, mid-sized or large company, the benefits, measurable revenue gains and reduced hassle are well worth the time to see a quick demo of our machinery dealer system.

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System features:

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  • Easy to use and navigate with quick entry screens
  • Post machinery on the company website in seconds
  • Post machinery on popular websites the same day or as quickly as they can publish it
  • Quote any machine in seconds
  • Get your data in quickly and simply
  • Quick UED lookups and rules
  • Find all your information quickly
  • Create reports in minutes
  • Preserve + track emails & calls from salesperson to salesperson
  • Track all quotes for every machine, run historical reports
  • Marketing Automation: Creates and manages lists
  • Email Marketing Blasts: Increases leads & sales
  • Lead Tracking & Scoring: Increases lead conversion
  • Track Campaigns: Campaign activities & performance
  • Quick Implementation & Support
  • 100% U.S. based resources

“For over a year we looked into changing our old machinery dealer software system, we then brought in ASCENTREN and with their help we now have the custom software tools necessary to support our company growth. Their consultants took the time to listen to us and ask important questions about how we actually work, so they were able to mold a machine dealer software system to meet our needs.”

“Besides gaining the speed we wanted for posting and quoting machines, the information we can generate in support of sales and company operations is impressive. We are very satisfied with our decision to partner with ASCENTREN.”

President / Large West Coast Machine Dealer

“I’m very impressed with the consultants at ASCENTREN. They have deep experience, are highly knowledgeable and skilled… consistently capable at delivering superior results.”

Rick Thompson
CIO / Harris Broadcast

“We purchased a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system from another vendor, but unfortunately they disappeared long before finishing their promised work. ASCENTREN stepped in, did a complete assessment, identified all of the issues and effectively solved them while also providing excellent training of our staff. Additionally, we had their consultants develop a parts database for our new equipment, which they finished on-time and on-budget.”

President / Match Machinery

8 reasons you should be using this new Machinery Sales software.

Customized to match your specific needs, we offer Machinery Sales software consulting on both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems. We can help you decide which platform best fits your company, and your requirements.

Click to discover the 8 reasons you should use our new machinery sales software.

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“Leverage the full power of customized machine dealer software to give your company a strong sales advantage and a total view of your customer.”

On average, an astounding 60% of CRM software systems fail because of inadequate planning and road-mapping. On the other hand, our well-planned, successful CRM deployments can create on average the following:

+27% Sales Revenues Increase

+32% Lead Conversion Increase

+34% Customer Satisfaction Increase

Road Map for Success

Our Certified Consultants partner with you and your team to identify critical business processes and develop a fully optimized Machinery Sales software solution which meets your company’s needs. We work to fully understand your short and long-term goals in order to develop a road map and provide solutions to serve those goals.

Working together, our consulting team delivers different phases when you want them, and plans for future phases that will continue to help your company optimize resources. Our teams use up-to-date methodologies and best practices to produce consistent business value with every phase.

New Features Coming Soon!

Auto-Find a Machine

Imagine a machine shop calling you to locate a specific machine and once you enter the machine information into your system, the system automatically presents a list of exact or close matches that you can quote on the spot.

Now You Can!   Once a salesperson enters details for a machine, the system automatically presents all exact and close matches of machines available for sale. They simply select a machine and click Quote!

This feature works for wanted machines as well. After a salesperson enters details of a machine for sale, the system presents all exact and close matches of wanted machines so you can instantly quote them.

Custom Machine Search

Our Custom Advanced Search tool allows you to search through your entire inventory in seconds.

Search by Machinery Class (UMCC), UMCC spec ranges or a number of other machine details from an easy to use screen.

The system allows you to put low and high ranges for all UMCC specs and it will find all machines that meet your range.

Once you are presented with the list of machines simply click on the machines you want to quote and send them in a professional layout quote with pictures.

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