8 Key Advantages of New Machinery Sales Software

1 - Advertise machines on the company website in seconds

Advertise all your machines on your Website. Quick, accurate and efficient. After easily entering the machine info into this new software system, you click one button to advertise it on your website in seconds.

Benefit to You: Rapid posting with one button click, advertise the machines with all their pictures as quickly as you can in seconds. The system will copy all information from CRM and send it to your website for a quick, accurate and visually appealing website viewing.

2 - Quickly advertise machines on popular machine sales websites

Advertise machines on other popular machinery sales websites. The system allows you to advertise machines with a couple of clicks to the most popular machine sales websites.

Benefit to You: The machine sales system is able to send all machine information and pictures to other sites using a flexible and easy transport language that is the industry best standards. With a click of a button you can advertise on Machinetools.com and Surplusrecords.com. The system can be expanded to include all other popular websites.

3 - Quote quickly and accurately in seconds with pictures in a professional looking PDF attachment

Fast and Accurate Quoting. Send quotes that have all the important machine information and pictures to your customers in seconds with a couple of clicks.

Benefit to You: Send professional looking quotes to customers as quickly as possible. The system will automatically create a professional looking pdf file and attach it to an email ready for you to write, or to an existing email template, and send it to your customer.

4 - Track all important information about machines

Track Machine Advertising on your Website Enables quick data entry of all the machine information like manufacturer, model, year, condition, UED, UED specs.

Benefit to You: Capture accurate information about the machine like manufacturer, model, year, condition, UED, current customer, locations and all specific machine information in seconds. Add all of your pictures easily and quickly by dragging-and-dropping them from your computer to the machine screen in the system.

5 - UED based tracking system

Smart UED Lookup. Pick a UED code or description and the system will ask you to only enter that UED specific information

Benefit to You: The system is smart enough to allow you to lookup UED codes or description and serve up only the fields you need to enter based on that machine’s UED specs, like X-axis, Y-axis, Control and others.

6 - Mobile and Tablet Application easy to use

Track All Activities on Your phone or Tablet. Track machines, customers, quotes and emails remotely from anywhere.

Benefit to You: With the Mobil apps you can view important information like machines, customer, quotes, emails, and phone calls. You can also call and email right from your application with your smart phone.

7 - Reports, Views, Dashboards are easily accessible and customizable

Executive / Management data analytics Real-time multiple report capabilities tailored to the specific needs of leadership and the company’s business process.

Benefit to You: Track Real-time activities like added new machines, quotes sent, communications sent and deals closed from easy to view Dashboards and Reports windows so you, your managers and salespeople can efficiently run your business.

8 - Outlook Client, Track your emails, quotes and appointments in CRM

Work from your Outlook client. Track emails with a simple click of a button. The system will allow you to flag special emails and automatically copy them into CRM where you can find them later.

Benefit to You: Track important emails right from your Outlook into your CRM so you can find your important emails quickly because they will be attached to the core quotes and machines that you quoted.

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Additional System Features

  • Works with Outlook
  • Highly Efficient
  • Easy to Use & Navigate
  • Multiple Report Capabilities. (Views, Dashboards, Reports)
  • Microsoft Support and Upgrades (no additional charges)
  • Familiarity. Encourages user adoption
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Tracking & Scoring. Increase lead conversion
  • Account and Contact Tracking
  • Email & Phone Call Tracking
  • Marketing Automation. Creates and manages lists
  • Email Marketing Blasts. Increase leads and sales
  • Track Campaigns. Rate campaign activities and performance