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Success Story – Private Health Management
Los Angeles, CA

Private Health Management is the definitive source for priority access to the very finest physicians and surgeons in the world. Their clinician-led Personal Care Teams, in concert with an expert advisory board of world-class specialists, develops state-of-the-art medical treatment plans for clients and coordinates all medical and logistical aspects of their care. The company’s Care Teams are available to clients 24/7 without limitation.

The Opportunity:

  • New Startup needed both a client and doctor system to facilitate the business
  • New processes and revised steps needed to be created for new staff
  • Capture the right amount of information to insure the staff has accurate information at the right time

The Solution:

  • Design a system based on best practices and client’s unique requirements
  • Leverage CRM’s out of box features and build very custom additions that work seamlessly with CRM
  • Build a custom new search tool that allows novices to search for the most critical information in a search engine like search screen without needing to know anything about the system

The Results:

  • Leveraged Microsoft Dynamics CRM out of box functionality and built custom entities and processes to work in concert to run the business
  • Utilized familiar, intuitive and efficient user interface
  • Simplified a complex client and doctor onboarding process and customized a search functionality for the rest of the team to find the best match based on all the requirements in seconds
  • Implemented powerful search tool that provided the best doctors for a specific ailment with a patient proximity feature

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