Industry Experience

Success Story – Lesly Kahn
Los Angeles, CA

Lesly has been obsessed with actors and acting ever since she put on her pink tutu and fell off a stage into the arms of a waiting audience at the age of three. Years later, with an MFA from the Yale School of Drama, she started teaching acting in NYC and developed an approach to actor training that was innovative and proved quite popular. Previously panic-stricken performers were suddenly confident, consistent, working actors. Twenty-odd years later, she’s still at it.

The Opportunity:

  • Rapidly growing acting studio with chronic system stability issues
  • The CRM system had old and out dated designs and faulty configurations
  • There were serious challenges to data entry, and the existing email tracking prevented information from getting to the correct person on time

The Solution:

  • Redesign the system to capture the most critical information to allow the staff to perform their tasks
  • Leverage industry standards best practices to correct old design issues and prevent others from occurring
  • Design use views and reports to display critical data for students, instructors and office staff

The Results:

  • Created multiple custom tables and linked them correctly to the primary tables to insure the large amount of data entered is consistent for views and reports for management
  • Streamlined business processes and instituted business processes that enabled fast data entry while maintaining high data accuracy
  • Created a set of views and reports that quickly provides critical information for instructors and students to insure class and payment accuracy

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